Entertainment That Creates Memories

Elsa holding Elsa


After more than Two decades of experience, we are certain about one thing, creating a memorable experience doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design. My wife Dona and myself bring the magic through our balloon sculptures. We are indeed the professionals. Our mission at every event is to provide balloon sculpting for all children in attendance.


Here at Fun With Balloons, we are experts at designing events that will be remembered for a lifetime. We tailor our events to fit our clients needs. Whether it’s a  community or church function, a fund raising event, or a birthday party, we know what is needed to bring out the inner joy we all have when seeing a child smile with wonder and amazement.


One of the main traits we are know for is the interaction with the children as well as the parents. The light hearted witty  banter, between us, and the children just enhance the whole experience of receiving a balloon.